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We Have a Feeling This Harry Potter Cruise Is Right up Your Diagon Alley!

Harry Potter fans of the world, rejoice! Just when you thought the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, located at Universal Studios in Orlando, was as good as it’d get, this new thing came along! This summer, set sail on a brand-spanking new Harry Potter adventure: a themed cruise down the Thames River where guests will visit major filming locations used in the eight films. 


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The Barge Ladies cruise company are behind this week-long extravaganza aptly named “The Harry Potter Magic Cruise.” Its prospective dates will be August 5th – 11th and August 19th – 25th. The same company will be running another themed cruise in April of this year based around the hit ITV show Downton Abbey. The Harry Potter cruise, aboard the vessel Magna Carta, is intended for small groups of up to eight people. It will include Harry Potter-inspired meals prepared by gourmet chefs. Some of the sites to see along the cruise include Virginia Water, where Harry and the gentle hippogriff Buckbeak meet, and Picket Post Close which served as the filming location for 4 Privet Drive. 


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There’s only one catch to this incredibly exciting opportunity for Potterheads across the globe: tickets for “The Harry Potter Magic Cruise” cost a little over $4,000 per person. But who knows? If you happen to visit your personal vault at Gringotts Bank, and find a few extra galleons lying around, perhaps you and yours can take part on this truly magical adventure as well. 




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