Tom Hanks and Steve Martin

We Can All Thank Steve Martin for Tom Hanks’ Writing Career

Tom Hanks, whose debut collection Uncommon Type has just dropped, has The Jerk himself, Steve Martin, to thank for his newly established writing career. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Hanks revealed his writing hobby only became a real thing after he sent one of his stories to his fellow actor-turned-writer buddy Martin. Hanks said, “I sent [Steve] a story and I asked him, quite frankly, ‘Is this a thing?’ And he wrote back, ‘Yeah it is a thing. Let me send it to my agent.'”



Thanks to Martin, who has written plays, novels, and the beloved memoir Born Standing Up, Hanks met his literary agent Esther Newberg. Not long after that, Hanks’ work appeared in numerous publications, such as the New Yorker and One Story. If you want to make it big as a writer, it clearly helps to have friends in high places, and, also, to be Tom Hanks.


It seems like Uncommon Type came out of nowhere, but hardcore Hanks fanatics are probably familiar with his typewriter obsession. He collects vintage typewriters. He owns over fifty. In fact, he was even featured in the recent typewriter documentary California Typewriter, alongside John Mayer and Sam Shepard.


Anyway, you can thank Steve Martin for this opportunity to go even farther into Hanks’ psyche, and pick up Uncommon Type here!


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