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Wattpad to Introduce Payment Per Month for Popular Online Writers

If you’ve never been on Wattpad before, Wattpad is essentially a free story sharing site where writers have the opportunity to write their stories and publish them on the site for others to read. Since 2006, the site has hosted millions of stories from people all over the world. With on average one thousand visits to each work, it is no wonder Wattpad has decided to extend their generosity to its users.


Every year since 2010, Wattpad holds The Watty Awards. One of the awards that is given to a writer of each genre includes the potential opportunity to sign a shopping agreement with Wattpad Studios for their story to be shown to entertainment and publishing partners.


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Over the years Wattpad has helped several writers achieve their dreams of traditional publication i.e: through a publishing house.  Key examples include novels like The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles which has been published and most recently made into a Netflix film, Captive by Gabrielle Estres, and Nothing Left to Lose by Kristy Moseley. Goodreads also has a section called “Published Books from Wattpad”.


While Wattpad has helped many people write their stories and publish them, they are offering a new service coming sometime in the new year. Although the official date has not been announced and the process is still in the Beta stages, they have already done test runs on this new project to which selected writers have already gained up to $1,000-$2,000 a month in just writing and updating their stories alone.


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The way it works is much like YouTube, with ads. When you finish a chapter or every other chapter you are momentarily interrupted by a short ad. If you are a premium member the ads will no longer be able to interrupt your precious reading time, but nonetheless writers will still get a cut of the profits made. They are sent their income via PayPal at the end of each month and depending on how many people visited their story and how long they lasted on the ad itself before skipping determines how much they will make for the month.



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With Wattpad helping writers achieve their goals of being published authors, it might very well be a different route that people might consider. Getting published the traditional way is no mean feat, and making money once you’re published is not even guaranteed! So this is definitely great news for aspiring writers!


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