Waterstones Brings You Murakami In 3D

Thought 3D was a film fad of the past? So did we.

However, the fervor is not dead yet, and has recently been resuscitated in a new medium foreign to the colorfully rich world of the three dimensional – literature. In partnership with Vintage, Waterstones is bringing you an exclusive 3D edition of Murakami’s Pinball, 1973, and Hear the Wind Sing.

Image courtesy of Bookseller.

As if Murakami’s novels weren’t surreal enough, the literature now has three dimensions at its disposal. Known for his fierce imagination and what some term ‘magical realism’, Murakami’s intense sensory explorations are doubled by the addition of a 3D cover, splayed edges, and a set of 3D glasses for your viewing pleasure.

It may sound like stimuli overload, but when you think about it, it makes sense to create 3D books. The livelihood of scene, characters, and plot demand an effective visual conduit, and a dimension to match. A line on a piece of paper (or print in a text) is the most elementary form of 2D, and it’s simplicity calls out for a third dimension intervention – at least that seems to be the philosophy behind the new books. According to Chris White, a fiction buyer for Waterstones, the new edition aims to create a “cutting edge design for a cutting edge writer which will delight his many fans and excite new readers.”

Waterstones is capitalizing on this seemingly natural extension of the reading experience, but whether or not buyers will take on 3D or stick to 2D remains to be seen.


What’s your preference?


Featured image courtesy of Hazzlitt