‘Watership Down’ Getting New Adaptation, Because the World Needs More Misery

For a while now, Richard Adams‘ novel Watership Down has been read over by many audiences from classrooms full of students, to adult-bookworms. While the story of heroic rabbits may not be known to some, everybody surely remembers this piece simply for the animated adaptation that scared the living shit out of all of us as children. And yet, although that dreaded animation is old and brutal, Watership Down is up for a new adaptation.




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Watership Down, a very touching novel that reflects and depicts the destruction that humanity brings to nature, has had its own fair share of fame and infamy. The story about Hazel and his troop of rabbits trying to find their new home is indeed riveting, however as mentioned before, the previous adaptations depict the fates of our bunny friends in such a savage and brutal fashion. 


This new adaptation however, may pave the way for a truly family friendly experience. So far, BBC has claimed to be working on the project, and only just recently released our first look of the new piece seems to show that the new version will be shot with 3D animation.




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While these pictures seem innocuous, let’s compare them to some of the trauma we’ve experienced with the older version:




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A huge list of the cast has also been released, including the likes of James McAvoy, Nicholas Hault, Gemmer Arterton, and  Taron Egerton. The new adaptation is set to release as a miniseries on Netflix and will also broadcast on the BBC during the Christmas season. Let’s just hope they stay as far away from the 1978 version as possible!



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