‘Watchmen’ Showrunner Doesn’t Care If Alan Moore Disapproves




A new television series based on Alan Moore’s Watchmen is coming to HBO this fall. It’s not the first of Moore’s works to be adapted and it won’t be the last. It also won’t be the last time Moore publicly disapproves of someone adapting his work.


Moore has never been a fan of Hollywood adapting his writings and has been vocal about how he wants as little involvement in these productions as possible, even going so far as to have his name removed as a credited writer on these adaptations. Showrunner of the upcoming Watchmen series, Damon Lindelof, is aware of this. During a talk at the Television Critics Association, Lindelof commented on Moore’s disapproval and going on with the adaptation anyway:


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“The wrestling match will continue. I do feel like the spirit of Alan Moore is a punk rock spirit, a rebellious spirit, and that if you would tell Alan Moore, a teenage Moore in ’85 or ’86, ‘You’re not allowed to do this because Superman’s creator or Swamp Thing’s creator doesn’t want you to do it,’ he would say, ‘F— you, I’m doing it anyway.’ So I’m channeling the spirit of Alan Moore to tell Alan Moore, ‘F— you, I’m doing it anyway.’”



The new series will take place after the events of the graphic novel, and follows a police officer who turns to vigilantism after the rise of a cult inspired by the iconic Watchmen character, Rorschach. The universe in which the show takes place will feature Robert Redford as President, include no internet or smartphones, and will tackle the issue of white supremacy.


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