Watch the Second Official Trailer for ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’

Welcome to the wacky world of Wonderland. You already know it from Lewis Carroll’s books, the first film, Alice in Wonderland, and the first trailer for the sequel, Alice Through The Looking Glass, which debuted last November. But just in case the memory is fuzzy, or you’re having a difficult time remembering what a bleach blonde Anne Hathaway looks like, you’re in luck: Disney has blessed us with yet another trailer for the Tim Burton film.

Buckle up, the second trailer is even stranger than the first.

The trailer begins with Alice held captive in a mental institution, suffering from a bout of “hysteria” according to the doctor.  She quickly makes her getaway and escapes, through the mirror, back into Wonderland. Here she is met with a series of familiar faces, yet, not everyone is as she left them. Absolem has emerged from a chrysalis slumber, now transformed into a  butterfly, the Mad Hatter is sick, and the Red Queen is more wicked than ever, equipped with a whole new caliber of piercing insults. Alice’s descent into Wonderland brings the familiar world back into focus, this time with higher stakes in a race against the clock.

The film doesn’t hit theatres until May 27, but in the mean time stay tuned for more news and (we can only hope) more teasers.

Missed the first trailer? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Feature image courtesy of AWN