Watch the New ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Teaser

For the past few years, Disney has produced itself silly remaking classic cartoons and children’s stories as CGI-injected live-action oddysies. In what may be a sign of their full-on obsession, the Mouse is poised to make more in the next three years than you can count on two hands. With the low card being Malefecent and the high card The Jungle Book, what can we expect from the upcoming Beauty and the Beast?

This. This 90-second eye-candy teaser trailer lets us know right away what to expect.

If you were worried about a change in formula, the new Beauty and the Beast teaser assures us that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. The ornate decorations in Beast’s halls and studies are pure genius, much like the world captured in Disney’s BFG adaptation. In true teaser style, there’s just enough Emma Watson to let us invision her as Belle.

What’s more important is: what do you think? Is this shaping up to be a rendition of the story for a new generation, or should Disney have learned from Alice in Wonderland and leave their past successes where they were? Tell us what you think!