Watch the Kaleidoscopic ‘A Monster Calls’ Trailer

If this new trailer is to be believed, Patrick Ness’s touching YA fantasy A Monster Calls is next in line for the adaptation throne.

For the uninitiated, A Monster Calls follows Conor, an English schoolboy grappling with the usual torments of adolescence: bullies, nightmares, and social isolation. One night, he awakes and wanders to a nearby graveyard, where he discovers a tree monster that insists on telling Conor tales about the complicated nature of humanity. As the monster’s stories become more and more disruptive of his life, Conor must face the true root of his anxieties: his mother, who is suffering from cancer. 

The trailer, despite an unusual preface by Liam Neeson, is wonderfully majestic. There’s a perfectly-portioned medley of CGI fantasy, bursts of color and bare emotionalism. Even in these brief cuts, A Monster Calls makes a convincing case for it becoming one of the most brightly-animated and triumphant films of the year (and yes, we’ve seen The BFG and Finding Dory). Take a peek:


A Monster Calls hits theatres October 21st.


Featured image courtesy of Focus Features.