Watch the First Trailer for The 5th Wave, Based on Rick Yanceys Novel

Fans of The 5th Wave, rejoice: the first trailer for 2016’s film adaptation of ’s popular young adult novel is here, and it looks pretty awesome. Check it out for yourself below!

The new film is based on the first book in Rick Yancey’s 5th Wave series, which came out earlier this year. The plot centers around a young girl living in a world that has been overrun by extraterrestrial invaders. Four waves of the enemy’s invasion plan have all but wiped out mankind, and the invaders can take over human hosts to walk among and eliminate the survivors. Yancey’s young protagonist, Cassie, teams up with a teenage boy and sets out to rescue her younger brother.

Chloe Grace Moretz (The Amityville Horror, (500) Days of Summer, Hugo) stars as Cassie in the new film, which is directed by J. Blakeson. Actor Tobey Maguire is among the producers of the film.

The 5th Wave is slated for release this coming winter. You can catch it in theaters starting on January 29, 2016.