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Watch Sarah J. Maas Promote Her Amazing Catwoman YA Book in This Adorable Video!

She’s sassy, she’s bold and she’s beautiful. Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle, made herself center staged in her new novel, authored by Sarah J. Maas. If you’re up for a fresh new perspective on the familiar anti-hero, then check out this new book on the shelves, from the author of the Throne of Glass series. 


Catwoman: Soulstealer is one of the third installments in the DC Icons franchise. It centers on Selina Kyle’s return to the slums of Gotham City where she teams up with Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn to wreak havoc. Batman is on an important mission, putting Batwing in charge and it’s hard not to take advantage of the perfect timing. While Batman is away, this chaotic team of women will play.


Check out this cute interview with Sarah J. Maas, author of Catwoman: Soulstealer and dig your claws into this third installment!




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