Watch Out Amazon, Here Comes NearSt.

Things are getting delivered to us faster and faster. With all the possibilities the internet provides, companies are finding new ways to get their product to their customer without ever having to leave their home. Amazon Prime can deliver packages in less than 24 hours, and they are constantly working to make that time frame even shorter. Will the next step be a drone delivery service, or something else?

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Here is where the small startup company NearSt comes in. NearSt is a London based company that delivers book via scooter. You simply download the company’s app, order your book, and within the time it takes to get a pizza delivered your book will be at your doorstep!

The Guardian has reported that NearSt has already partnered with 40 bookshops in London. If NearSt is able to maintain profitability, there is no reason why it wouldn’t be able to expand into an American market. The only thing that would stop them from being successful in America is the book selling giant itself, Amazon.

CEO Nick Brackenbury has said that he is “absolutely” ready to compete with Amazon. He believes that “real, tactile experiences” are more important to customers than digital ones. Therefore his business model is actually superior to the coming drone delivery technology. The whole idea of NearSt is to “get people back into their local business.” Even though they may not be getting into the actual store, they are still helping local bookstores compete with larger companies by providing a purchasing service that caters to the local market.

If the rise of the independent bookstore continues, NearSt is likely to be a part of the growing industry. There is nothing wrong with big bookstores, but it always nice to have a store nearby that you are familiar with. Independent bookstores tend to have an essence to them that you just cannot find at places like Barnes & Nobles. The fact that businesses like NearSt are becoming profitable should bring us all hope that the independent bookstore still have a chance at success.


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