Watch Daniel Radcliffe’s Audition for the Role of Harry Potter

What would the Harry Potter films be without star Daniel Radcliffe? He perfectly captured the role of the brave, mischievous boy wizard we’ve come to know and love. But how did he land the role? More than 15 years later, we finally have our answer with the audition that started it all. 



Last year, the first screentests of Radcliffe as Potter were leaked online by YouTube user No1Potterhead. Over this weekend, the video magically caught on and went viral. It’s since garnered over two million views—more than enough points to win the House Cup. 


The video is as adorable as you’d expect. You can clearly see the wonder in lil’ Daniel’s eyes, even without the trademark spectacles on. He jokes around with the person reciting Hagrid’s lines, and corrects him on details from the story. Although he’s at a young age, Radcliffe shows a great deal of dramatic range here too. After watching this, it’s no wonder he ended up as the actor to don the lightning bolt scar.


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