Watch a Trailer for Esquires New Beowulf Series

Esquire has unveiled a new trailer for their Beowulf television series, and it looks epic. The new trailer offers us a glimpse of Kieran Brew in the title role, as well as of a creepy monster’s hand – Grendel, is that you?

Esquire’s new series clearly takes some of its cues from popular fantasy series like Game of Thrones – the new trailer promises a series full of violence and intrigue. But, of course, the inspiration for Beowulf goes back much further than modern television. The new series is based on the epic poem Beowulf, which was written in Old English (a whole different language than our modern English). If you haven’t checked it out yet, we recommend Seamus Heaney’s translation.

You have about a month to read the 3182 lines of the epic poem. Beowulf will premiere on January 23 on Esquire Network. Check out the full trailer below!