Washington Post’s First Black Female Writer Blazes Trails With New Book

Making history wasn’t on Dorothy Gilliam’s mind when she started working at The Washington Post. Most days, she was just worried about making it into the office.


“I would sometimes experience panic attacks when I was walking to work,” she writes, “fearing what was happening at the office, what I would encounter there, who would not speak to me.”


In Gilliam’s book Trailblazer, she recounts her time working for the famous newspaper. Her battle to find a good story were happening simultaneously with her daily battles against racism and sexism.

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Being the lone black woman in a newsroom, Gilliam was usually isolated from other reporters and worked extra hard only to be given little credit. Much of her reporting went against the grain by interviewing everyday people rather than wealthy men and politicians to get her stories, bringing a more diverse perspective to stories.


Gilliam’s book is available now on Kindle and hardcover. A paperback version will be available in September.



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