Warner Bros. Studio Hosts a Dobby Exhibit

Starting February 1, Warner Bros. Studio in London will host an exhibit specifically dedicated to the infamous house elf, Dobby. The exhibit will explore how Dobby came to life on screen with the incorporation of CGI and detailed models. The exhibit will end on March 31st so get your tickets now! 

According to Warner Bros’ site

For the first time ever, visitors will be able to take part in an interactive motion capture experience at the Studio Tour. Consisting of three screens, the experience shows Dobby at different stages of motion capture, from an initial wireframe to the fully-rendered Dobby as we know and love him. Standing in front of the dispay, visitors will see three versions of Dobby reflecting their movements in real time, demonstrating the process used by filmmakers when bringing CGI characters to life on screen.

 During this exhibit, you can also visit the reopening of Privet Drive. 




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