‘War of the Worlds’ Sequel Invades in 2017

Back in 1898, famous author H.G. Wells released his seminal sci-fi work, The War of the Worlds. It has since become one of the most influential works in the genre, setting the standard for all alien invasion stories to come. Surprisingly, though, it never received a sequel. That is, until now. In a brand new story, the Martians will be returning to Earth. 

British author Stephen Baxter is currently writing the sequel, titled The Massacre of Mankind. Baxter has an extensive history in the sci-fi genre, collaborating with icons like Arthur C. Clarke and Terry Pratchett. The story he’s currently concocting takes place in the 1920s, 30 years after the events of the original War of the Worlds. After a few decades of peace, the very same Martians that attacked Earth return to do battle with the human race once again. 

An invasion nearly 120 years in the making, this sequel will clearly have a lot of expectations to live up to. But Baxter is fully aware of the massive responsibility he has ahead of him: “H.G. Wells is the daddy of modern science fiction… Wells did more than any other writer to shape the form and themes of modern science fiction, and indeed through his wider work exerted a profound influence on the history of the twentieth century,” he said in an interview.

The Massacre of Mankind will be released in 2017 by publisher Gollancz. Are you excited for a return to this classic tale?

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