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‘War Horse’ Author Sir Michael Morpurgo Reveals Fight With Cancer

English author Sir Michael Morpurgo has always been known for his book War Horse which follows a horse named Joey purchased by the army in World War I France. Albert, Joey’s previous owner, does everything he can to bring him home. The book has been adapted into a play and film and has always chords with audiences worldwide. However, the latest struggle for Morpurgo was even more difficult.



'War Horse'

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According to BBC News, Morpurgo has recently revealed his tiring fight against cancer. Now seventy-four, Morpurgo received radiotherapy last year to treat cancer in the larynx after having to cancel public appearances in September due to poor health. Currently, the status of the illness is uncertiain. In this week’s issue of Spector Magazine Morpurgo spoke about how he feels at his age and that it’s easy to feel that you’ve seen it all, done it all, and that nothing really surprises you anymore. He explains his perception of being sick:



Even an unwelcomed medical diagnosis does not surprise you. You cope because you have to. You know it’s what happens to us all. You have been lucky all these years. 




Morpurgo states that he has been a “lucky old parrot” and how, during his radiotherapy, it’s important to think of positive things such as the impact people moving across borders can have on our ideas, science, culture and trade. He mentions how his thoughts have turned towards children and grandchildren and what might become of their lives in the ever-changing world. Recalling the young people who he taught as a teacher, read his books, or those he’s met with has given him cause for hope and rejoicing. Morpurgo includes that the hope from his children, grandchildren, his great-granddaughter April and others whom he’s met over the years have shown him how radiotherapy wasn’t the only thing doing the healing.



“They helped me through,” he says. “Helped me through hoping, keep believing. They still do every day.”



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