Want to Visit the Most Expensive Library in the World?

If you’re looking for your next biblio-inspired trip, then Russia has just what you’re looking for. There’s just one thing you have to do before you go: Save up a lot of money, because this library is not cheap! Book Capella is a newly opened, gothic-inspired library that just opened in St. Petersburg. 

Tickets into the library cost a little less than £100 for a four-hour reading session. The luxurious book palace hosts volumes that date back to the 16th through 19th centuries. Book Capella isn’t the only library to charge for entry, but it certainly is the most expensive. According to The Guardian, “Its ‘Book Apostle’ yearly card costs 230,000 rubles (£3,209), while the ‘Preacher’s Book Apostle’, a lifetime subscription, can cost up to 5m rubles (£69,000).”

Project Director, Irina Khoteshova told The Guardian “One hundred pounds per visit is certainly not a low price, but it is less expensive than tickets to the opera or ballet. People aren’t really surprised by the price itself. They are surprised that it’s the price for a visit to a library.”

Book Capella mainly attracts book collectors, historians, scientists, researchers, and elite business-people looking for a quiet place to congregate. It’s a space for people to enjoy rare books, expose themselves to history, and explore a luxurious library. 

All images courtesy of The Guardian