Want Better Sleep? Read a Book Before Bed.

Want Better Sleep? Read A Book Before Bed

We all deal with stress, and everyone has their own way of trying to relax. Some people take a walk, others listen to music and have a cup of tea. Having too much stress can lead to a whole list of debilitating conditions such as depression, insomnia, and disease — but luckily we know the perfect solution!


Even though there are other ways to relax, research conducted by the University of Exeter has shown that reading before bed can reduce stress by 68 percent!

Reading before bed has a ton of health benefits, and it gets the mind ready to sleep. Cognitive neurologist Dr. David Lewis says that: “by losing yourself in a thoroughly engrossing book you can escape from the worries and stresses of the everyday world.” This leads to an “altered state of consciousness” that helps the mind relax before bed. So instead of watching one more episode of your favorite Netflix show, or joining in on a Twitter flame war, pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read.

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