@wanderingthroughlit – Bookstagrammer of the Week

Looking for more bookstagrammers to add to your Instagram feed? Then you’ve come to the right place. Each week and this week we feature an incredible member of the bookstagram community who is sharing their love of books through incredible book photos. This week we are featuring @wanderingthroughlit! Her bookstagram aesthetic is warm, cozy, and welcoming, it’s certain to brighten your day.


Why did you start your Bookstagram?

I started out on Bookstagram over a year ago, after completely stumbling across the community during a particularly stressful exam period. Within the first month of experimenting (with shocking lighting and questionable set-ups), I’d made some amazing friends, and Bookstagram became my favorite place to be!


Where are you from?

I’m from the North of the UK (a little village in the countryside!)


What do you want your Instagram to bring to the world?

All I want is for my account to be a cozy corner of Bookstagram where people can discuss books and embrace being bookworms. I’m certain that we all connect to literature in some way or other, and Bookstagram is my favorite way to express that.



Fun Fact about you:

I also really love writing and blogging on wanderingthroughlit.com. And a bonus: I’m studying English lit, Modern History, and French at 6th form college.


Favorite Bookstagrammers:

So many! I’ll inevitably forget some but here are a few: @the_pundlit, @always_and_forever_lyndsay, @thereaderandthechef, @therosereader, and @paperfury!


Favorite Books and Authors:

Anyone who knows me at all knows that my favorite book of all time is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: magic, mystery, intrigue! (and lots of caramel popcorn).

I also love Caraval, The Midnight Palace, The Infernal Devices, and Stalking Jack the Ripper!

In terms of authors, there are so many I adore Cassandra Clare, Madeline Miller, Angie Thomas, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Leigh Bardugo… I could go on!

Image via @wanderingthroughlit

Fictional Crush:

Thomas Cresswell! (Stalking Jack the Ripper)


TBR List:

Embarrassingly long! I have about 50 books on my shelves to read and over 300 on my Goodreads TBR.

On my immediate agenda is the Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo (I need to finish it before the Netflix series!) and the Winternight trilogy by Katherine Arden.


What’s your special approach to content?

I don’t know if I have one! I’ve just experimented a lot with different styles to try to find the right one for me- I think I’m about there now.

I take photos in batches when I can and always take inspiration from Pinterest and random props I have lying about the house.

I also love filming reels- they’re so fun for me! I get comments with new requests all the time, so I have lots of ideas to go off.



Aesthetic / Instagram page theme:

I normally go for a more minimalist, cozy style- honestly, I just don’t have a lot of props. But I do like my feed to look quite simple and pleasing to the eye (at least, that’s how I hope it comes across!).


How often do you post?

I go for once a day, as I’ve found that works best for me, but I miss days from time to time when I’m not feeling like it. The longer I’ve had this account, the more I’ve come to realize how important it is not to put pressure on myself. After all, I’m just doing this for fun; it’s not a job!


What does your Bookstagram mean to you?

Simply, it means the world!

It means a place where my followers and I can chat about books without any hate or judgment. For that, I’m so grateful.

My account is also an incredibly open space, and I hope other people will also see it that way and know that anyone is welcome.

Image via @wanderingthroughlit

Favorite Bookstore:

I’ve obviously been shopping online for most of my books recently, but when I can finally set foot in a book store again, it’ll likely be Waterstones (one with a cafe :) ).

I also have lots of local bookstores I love shopping at, so I can’t wait to get back to them.


Who would you have supply you with a lifetime of books?

My friends! We do book swaps all the time, and I trust them to know my tastes pretty well by this point.


Author to take a selfie with:

As I said, Erin Morgenstern is my favorite author ever, so I’d love a photo with her!

I also wish I could have photos with some of my favorite classics authors, like the Bronte sisters, Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, but that’ll have to remain a dream forever.



Favorite book cover:

Being on Bookstagram means I see beautiful covers at every turn!

Some of my favorites that I own (I actually have a few reels on this) are The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, Silvered Serpents, and How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories.


Book you have claimed to have read that you didn’t:

That’s a tricky one because I don’t really do this very often (except for class). However, I definitely have felt that there are books I should have read but haven’t; examples that spring to mind are Great Expectations, War and Peace, and Les Miserables.


When did you know you had made it as a Bookstagrammer?

Wow, that’s a hard one. I think it’s difficult to define what it is to ‘make it’ on social media, let alone on Bookstagram specifically.

Image via @wanderingthroughlit

In terms of followers, I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I’ve reached the magic number. But the most important part of Bookstagram for me is chatting about books with a lovely community and being there for anyone who needs support. So in this sense, I really made it from day 1 of being on Bookstagram.


Favorite fandoms:

ACOTAR, Stalking Jack the Ripper, Caraval, Pride and Prejudice, Song of Achilles, Sherlock… and I could go on.


Advice for aspiring Bookstagrammers:

Have fun and experiment. Bookstagram is a gorgeous community with such a diverse mix of people and perspectives.

The moment you start to feel pressure to post more often or take photos in a specific way, take a step back and re-evaluate.

The most important thing, after all, is books.



Additional bookishness:

I thought this might be a nice opportunity to tell the story of my experience with my favorite book, The Night Circus.

I first read it about three years ago, one hot summer in France. I’d read all the books packed in my suitcase twice over, and came across this one shoved to the back of one of the bookshelves in the farmhouse.

Over the next few days, I devoured the whimsical story of magic and romance. I’d never had one favorite book before.

Over the next few years, I went through copy after copy of The Night Circus (some lent to friends, some lost in packing boxes when we moved, some inevitably shoved to the back of the bookcase). Notably, my 3rd (or maybe 4th) copy met its end on an expedition to Malawi, Africa. It was the only book I’d brought on a four-week trip, and it was passed around the group to read more than a few times.

I still have that copy, although it’s more than a little worn.

Although many books have come close since, none have replaced (and probably never will) The Night Circus as my #1 favorite novel.

Featured image via @wanderingthroughlit