WandaVision: The Vision of a Final Release Seems Clear

After being pushed back many times due to the pandemic comes news of a final release date. Fans will finally see the superhero power couple in the new Disney+ series coming in January.

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The 2020 pandemic has been quite tough on many of the shows and movies we all get giddy over. Ever since March, fans of popular IPs, in this case, Marvel, have had to exercise more patience than our current generation would be willing to undergo. Nonetheless, we strive to outwait the inner Id of our minds that can’t stand not seeing another dazzling light and color spectacle with our favorite characters we’ve grown fond of. It’s a rather futile effort to hope that a set release date won’t be pushed and pushed further down the year.

In light of the overwhelming amount of time spent between said release pushbacks, there is indeed a large advantage for the content creators. Production for Tv shows and movies are given so much time to complete that a seemingly indefinite amount of time for polishing is due for any product affected by halts from the pandemic. This gives creators like Marvel Studios the advent for quality control up until release despite the ire of many screaming fans. With that in mind, the quality of the much anticipated WandaVision has finally gotten its release date.

Image via Disney+

Come January 15th, 2021 the superhero action drama starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as their cute nigh-unstoppable power couple Scarlet Witch and The Vision will be released on Disney+. The show since its first trailer has hinted at the reality-warping powers of Wanda Maximoff that comic-book fans know very well and MCU fans have only had glimpses of since her debut in 2015. The show is rumoured to explore the extent of Wanda’s mental state since being grief-stricken over the deaths of her brother Quicksilver in Age of Ultron and Vision’s double whammy of a death at the climax of Infinity War.

Image via The Indian Express

The bizarre nature of the sitcom-style display coupled with the apparent government influence on the events that be will finally showoff the dimensional shattering powers that we didn’t get enough of during the films. The first trailer since its premiere has garnered tons of attention that fans are eagerly trying to decipher but with the, hopefully, final release date all curiosities will be satiated and possibly turned into a Doctor Who-Esque pretzel in the new series as well as setting a new standard for the plethora of upcoming Marvel-related Disney+ shows to come.