‘WandaVision’ Episode 5 Explained

So….if Episode 4 of ‘WandaVision’ is Beyoncé then Episode 5 is Whitney Houston! I was shocked, I couldn’t breath. I was gooped, gagged, shook, shaking, quaking, head empty! I swear I blacked out for a moment.



Let’s get into it!!

We are in the 80’s people if you couldn’t tell by the ‘Family Ties’-esque portrait and opening theme. The boys, Tommy and Billy are crying and Wanda tries to use her power on them to get them to sleep but they are unaffected. And Wanda asks them why won’t they do what she wants.


Agnes comes over after Wanda says they need some help. They run through a couple of lines and after Vision is in full parent panic, Agnes forgets what she was about to say. She ask Wanda is she wants her to take it again. Which seems that she is asking her if she wants her to run her line again, like she knows she on a “show” and Wanda is the director. Wow! I had a feeling that Agnes was aware but this just broke all the walls!



Wanda is confused but starts to laugh it off and gets the scene going again. As Agnes takes care of the boys and the laugh track comes back, Vision acts what was up. Vision is super confused but Wanda convinces him that everything is fine.

Suddenly the boys are aged up to five years old and are walking and talking, looking as cute as ever but Agnes doesn’t seem to be surprised that the babies she was just cooing to are now older. Strange.

We pick up after Monica is brought back and has some tests tun on her to see how she was effected inside of the anomaly. And her tests and labs come back inconclusive. At the debrief, Wanda is named the aggressor in the West View. Monica believes that Wanda however wasn’t doing this to intentionally hurt anyone.

But we discover that Vision’s body was held at the S.W.O.R.D headquarters and Wanda broke in and stole it, nine days prior which is in violation of the Sokovia Accords.

Darcy wonders what will happen once Vision learns the truth. With two of the most powerful MCEU characters in essentially a bubble together will not end well in my opinion.




Back on the show, Tommy and Billy are washing a dog in the sink and they want to keep him, you know sitcom shenanigans.

Agnes comes back over with a dog house for the kids. Wanda makes a dog collar while she is there and Wanda expresses that she is tired of hiding. They settle the dog situation by saying the boys have to be 10 in order to be able to take care of a dog and so they age themselves up again. And Agnes notices but doesn’t freak out.



Out in the real world, Monica plans on going back into West View, but no one thinks it’s a good idea.  Jimmy asks if they had identified the boys but Monica insists that they are very real. That concludes that Wanda is using an insane amount of power to create real things, actually bending reality, like Monica’s outfit being made out of her bullet proof vest.

Vision’s at work with Norm and they are working on their new computer sand surfing the world wide web. We are in the eighties right? When Vision goes to go on the internet all it has is code and sounds like dial-up which was a 90’s thing. So does that mean Wanda is loosing control? Or was she too young at the time so is she trying to fill in the blanks?




All of the “employees” read an email they all got it was from S.W.O.R.D getting in contact with them. It mentions, Darcy, the Maximoff Anomaly, radiation and that the residents of West View to please be advised.  Everyone reads it like a joke but Vision’s not laughing.

Vision uses his powers on Norm and wakes him up. We find out that he has sister and a sick father. He begs him to stop her but has he gets more out of control Vis puts him back under.



At the house, Billy is training  the newly named pup, Sparky. The boys go to find Vision but Wanda says it Monday and he’s at work. Tommy says that this morning was just Saturday. Losing the plot a bit, love? She then comes up with the excuse about how there was an emergency and he had to go in. The boys don’t look convinced to cue a sit down talk like in ‘Full House’ or ‘Family Matters’.

She says that family is forever and the boys will always be brothers. Tommy then asks if she had a brother. She tells them that she does but he was far away and it makes her sad.

Sparky hears some commotion and pretty soon we hear something coming. and a goes to see and it’s a small plane from the 80’s, which S.W.O.R.D used to get through West View without changing. Monica tries to speak with her but Tyler Hayward gives the order to take a shot at Wanda, unbeknownst to Monica.

There is a breach at the barrier and Wanda walks through in her superhero hero outfit dragging the drone behind her. Wanda tells them to stay away as they put guns on her. Monica tried to get through to Wanda but she tells that she has everything she wants and she won’t be giving them another warning.  Using her powers, she has the officers point their guns on Hayward andWanda goes back into West View like a total bad b*tch!





This episode’s commercial break is for Lagos brand paper towel. It claims to clean up big messes that you make by accident. Which is referring to ‘Avengers: Civil War’ when Wanda made a big mess she didn’t mean to; i.e blowing up a building in Lagos, Africa and getting the Sokovia Accords off the ground.



The boys and Wanda look for the dog, but he died unfortunately after getting into Agnes’ flower bushes. The boys ask her to bring him back to life, they threaten to age up but Wanda tells them not to run away from their feelings. Which is rather hypocritical because she  ran away in an alternate reality bubble and somehow brought Vision back to life.But being a parent she tries to teach the boys good lessons.

Back at the house, they wrap up the day and Vision tells her about Norm and how he woke him up. He says that she can’ control him they way she does everyone else. And she rebuttals, Can’t I?





The credits begin to roll but Vision still wants to talk it out.  The two argue like we haven’t seen before and Wanda commented on it. Vision begs her to tell him what’s going on and that he doesn’t remember anything from before West View and that he was scared.

She admits that she didn’t know how it all started in the beginning and Vision tells her that what she’s doing was wrong. The door bell rings and Wanda insists that it wasn’t her doing.

This ending…whew. So we all remember Wanda’s brother Pietro, Quick Silver from ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron.’

He looked like this:

Image via Marvel


But the surprise at the end of the episode reveled Pietro or Peter but he looks like this:


Image via Collider

Your eyes DO NOT deceive you folks! That IS Mr. Evan Peters famed for his roles in American Horror Story and as the on screen QUICKSILVER IN THE MOST RECENT X-MEN MOVIES!!!! Including ‘X-Men Apocalypse’, ‘X-Men Days of Future Past’, ‘X-Men Dark Phoenix’.



Do you know what this means?! Firstly, we have for sure just entered the X-Men and mutants into the this Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Extended. Wanda’s mutant status since her first appearance proper in Age of Ultron was up in the air but now it is more than confirmed. Secondly, we potential have some universe jumping madness happening. Maybe with the use of of Wanda’s powers in such away she is opening a hole somewhere into other realties without even knowing!




What an ending! Just when I thought they couldn’t top themselves, they did it again. I’m not going to even try to theorize right now, I’m still in awe! The last I heard, Evan Peters was taking break from acting and now he’s back?! I feel betrayed but so excited!

Let us know you’re thoughts on the latest ‘WandaVision’ episode.

Featured image via Comicbook.com