‘WandaVision’ Episode 3 Explained

WOW!! Episode 3 of WandaVision dropped and popped all the way off. Were you shocked?… because I was.

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WOW!! Episode 3 of WandaVision dropped and popped all the way off. Were you shocked?… because I was.





The first two episodes left us with a pregnant Wanda and we came back to color but everything had changed. It seems like the sitcom is from the seventies now. My mom noted that it reminded her of The Brady Bunch house and backyard. We even get a new theme and opening credits.

So, a doctor looks over Wanda and ensures her and Vision that she is indeed pregnant. Four months pregnant to be exact. The doctor leaves to go on a vacation with his wife. While Vision walks him out, he sees Herb, a character we met in the previous episodes. He’s cutting the hedges but weirdly starts to cut into the wall between Wanda and Visions house and his own.

Visions goes back in and not only is Wanda now six months pregnant but he and Wanda begin to talk about previous events and how they were close to be exposed. Vision goes on to say that he believed something is wrong. Then, time resets and he says something completely different.



Wanda’s now nine months and she’s ready to pop! Vision runs to get the doctor and Wanda’s powers go haywire while a home. Then, Geraldine comes over for a bucket to make way for some classic sitcoms hijinks which included a stork. She helps Wanda give birth to their first son and once Vision comes home with the doctor he is there to see the birth of their second son.

The twins are here and so adorable! Check out an awesome listicle about the who the twins turn out to be in the comics, by my girl, Stacey!

Everything You Need to Know about Wanda and Vision’s Twins

Vision walks the doctor out again and and he talks about how small towns are hard to escape… putting the emphasis on “escape.” Agnes is talking with Herb, gossiping about Geraldine. Agnes notes that she has no family, no husband and no home. Inside, Wanda tell Geraldine that she’s a twin, then she sings a lullaby.

Geraldine just about broke out of the sunken place, girl!! She asks if her brother was killed by Ultron.





Um, WOW AGAIN!! Outside, Herb tries to tell Vision why Geraldine is really there but can’t and, when he’s about to, Agnes stops him. And notably when they try the witty banter and jokes there isn’t a laugh track. Back inside, Wanda asks who she is and she doesn’t answer. Wanda became pretty menacing and once Vision came back in, she was gone. And, Wanda acts like nothing is wrong.

The aspect ratio changes and its full screen. Suddenly a portal opens up and Geraldine comes flying through hitting the ground and a bunch of trucks that seemed to be outside of a military base!

Let’s all take deep breaths and break down what we’ve discovered in this episode.

I’m still going with my theory that this is Wanda’s doing because she misses Vision and wanted this type of life. Geraldine might have been seemingly sent  into this reality to maybe help shake Wanda out of it but got swept up in Wanda’s power and got into her role a bit too much. But, once she woke up and slipped about Quick Silver, Wanda was like, “Girl, you’ve got to go!”



That opens up the thought, though, that if Geraldine was sent, how many other people in this reality was also sent it in? And how many are just Wanda’s creation?

It’s not clear who the “army” is. Like I said previously, it could be Shied trying to get Wanda out or Hydra keeping a watch on her. Even Wanda has control over this place; I feel like there is another entity trying to play things their way.

This episode’s commercial focused on a mother who was stressed out and needed a well deserved break. The commercial sells a bath soak for when you want to get away and can’t. It’s clearly on the nose about the episode because Wanda had just become a mother to twins but it also points out that Wanda is the one that invented all of this to escape and might be too far gone in her mind vacation reality to return to normalcy.

We have no idea what the real outside world looks like for Wanda and she wants it that way!

So what did you guys think of this episode? Because it blew my mind! Make sure to catch up on the first three episodes of ‘WandaVision’, streaming exclusively on Disney Plus!


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