He's the King of Horror and the King of Adaptations, apparently

Wait, There Have Been How Many Stephen King Adaptations???

If it feels like every day brings news of a development in a Stephen King adaptation. Well, that’s because it’s pretty true.


Just one cursory glance at King’s bibliography reveals a shocking truth: King’s works have been turned into more adaptations than we thought was humanly possible.


Let’s start with the movies – 66 in total, including forthcoming adaptations, such as The Dark Tower and a two-part movie adaptation of It.



Television movies and series add another 31 adaptations to the list. Some of the more well-known television shows include Under the Dome and The Dead Zone. Oh, and don’t worry – The Dark Tower will go straight from a movie to a television series.



King has even graced the stage with some adaptations. Those haven’t fared as well, though, with Carrie serving as one of the worst shows in Broadway history (although it’s making a comeback).



Individual episodes, comic books, and even musical tributes have been created in the name of King. Just taking full-length movies and television shows, however, puts the number of adaptations at 97, with the stage plays pushing the number all the way to 105.


Everything we watch is influenced by Stephen King – whether we know it or not.


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