Harry Benjamin

Voice of Bob From ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Pens Hilariously Real Memoir

There’s no stopping the ever-popular and successful cartoon comedy Bob’s Burgers. Especially with the lovable Tina Belcher around. However it’s the real life folks who give the characters a voice who we should all be watching out for. Especially Harry Jon Benjamin who plays Bob Belcher.


Harry Jon Benjamin

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Now the actor, comedian, and TV personality, can now add author to his skills with his memoir Failure Is An Option: An Attempted Memoir. He takes us on the journey of his career, family, and love life. The times when he crashed and burned and the times when he cruised along to get to where he is now. A relatable story of what it means to fall and get back up.


For all you BB’s fans out there, check out his  interview on the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!



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