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Visuwords: The Dictionary of the Future

Do you like to play ‘Associate’ with your friends? Are you some kind of wordsmith or something? Then the language lover in you will love this website we just found.



Image Via educlipper.com


Visuwords is a modern visual dictionary, thesaurus and interactive lexicon for a modern world that represents language visually. Pretttttty cool. Whether English is your first language or your second or third, this word generator helps you browse language in a new way. With each word you search, you are shown its meaning and its potential associated words. You have the option to combine two words together to group together concepts, and learn a whole lot about the etymology of the word itself. This is what searching the word “Dog” gives us:



Image Via Visuword


This is a great idea for those who want to not only expand their vocabulary, but to come to a deeper understanding of the English language as a whole. Yay technology!


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