Violence, Lust, Revenge and a Touch of Poetry

SWFTRR The Sydney Writers’ Festival is the largest and most successful literary event in Australia and one of the largest in the world, bringing together contemporary fiction authors and writers of cutting-edge non-fiction from around the world. This year, on Sunday May 25, TheReadingRoom is sponsoring an event: Violence, Lust, Revenge and a Touch of Poetry.

Joined by bestselling authors Adrian McKinty (Dead I Well May Be, In the Morning I’ll be Gone) and John Connolly (Every Dead Thing, The Wolf in Winter), Michael Robotham (Watching You, Say You’re Sorry) will lead a discussion on how modern modern crime fiction as a prism for examining contemporary mores. Does the 24-hour news cycle and coverage of real-life crime make it harder to surprise or intrigue readers? And is there a place for lyricism, poetry and style in the grittiest of genres? You add Violence, Lust, Revenge and a Touch of Poetry to your SWF schedule here. We look forward to seeing you there!