Viola Davis and Julia Roberts to Star in Jodi Picoult Adaptation

This isn’t the first time Jodi Picoult’s work will be adapted to the screen. In fact, five of her novels have been made into movies. This time, her novel, Small Great Things will star Julia Roberts and Viola Davis!   

Small Great Things follows Ruth, a black labor and delivery nurse, who has worked at a Connecticut hospital for over 20 years. Minutes after she checks up on a white newborn, she learns she’s been reassigned to another room. The parents of the newborn are white supremacists that don’t want Ruth near their baby. The next day, while Ruth is alone in the nursery, the baby goes into cardiac arrest. She hesitates before she performs CPR, but the baby dies and the parents end up suing Ruth. What follows is a legal case that tackles “race, privilege, prejudice, justice, and compassion.”

I only know one thing: Viola will make me cry in this one.


Featured image courtesy of Variety