Vending Machine Lets Readers Swap Unwanted Gifts for Books

Readers in Germany who are unhappy with their Christmas gifts this year are in luck. All they have to do is find one of these special vending machines, which allow users to exchange unwanted gifts for brand-new reading material.

The unique vending machine project is the brainchild of publisher Bastei Lübbe and book retailer Hugendubel, both of Germany. The devices will be set up outside of Hugendubel bookstores around the country. The first was installed on December 28th at a Hugendubel in a popular Munich shopping center, and new installations in Ingolstadt and Nuremberg will follow on December 29 and 30, respectively.

Bastei Lübbe’s role in the project is to supply the titles. They’ve selected seven books to be stocked in the vending machines. Featured authors include Ethan Cross and popular German historical fiction author Rebecca Gablé.

As for the unwanted presents, they won’t go to waste: after being deposited into the vending machines, they’ll find their way to local charities.

h/t The Bookseller