Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Favorite Bookworm

On the hunt for something special for the book lover in your life? Look no further. We’ve put together a list of all the things any book fiend could want, with an added dose of romance to fit the mood. Break out the wine, dim the lights, and give your bookworm exactly what they want this year – books, book related gifts, and probably more books. Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day you literary lover, you!


Novelty Notebooks

Image courtesy of Anthropology

Is your guy or gal a writer, too? These notebooks are perfect for reader-writers who love to jot down notes as they read, mull over story ideas, or just have a notebook handy when they suddenly remember they’re out of milk. Whatever the drive to write, these notebooks are a winner. You can check out more great notebooks here.


Lit Tee’s

Image courtesy of Litographs

Don’t just show your bookworm love, make them wear it. These Litograph t-shirts are pretty amazing. They feature the entire text of signature novels, word for word. So next time your literary lover find themselves without reading material (gasp!), not to fear, there’s plenty of rich material right below their nose. 


Tori Tissell Love Pillow

Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

What is love? A nap and a good book, that’s what. Curl up for a good read and a little snooze with this pillow. Covered with the famous musings of poet Tori Tissell, this gift says I love you, but also, I want to take naps with you. Want more lit-themed pillow covers? Boom, we got you covered.


Book Lover Bracelet

Image courtesy of Etsy

Jewelry type? Wicked Wordsmith Co. has you covered. From Lousia May Alcott, to Shakespeare and Leo Tolstoy, the whole literary gang is here – and quoted on a bracelet.

Of course, the online store also has plenty of non-literary quotes to choose from, but why would you want to downgrade like that?


Custom Hemingway Flask

Image courtesy of Chapters

If you’re looking for something more fun and less mushy, why not go for a boozy gift? Admittedly, Ernest gets a bad rap, and all things Hemingway seem to suspiciously link to alcohol. Nonetheless, we’re going to endorse this connection and suggest this gift for the literary type in your life. If it’s any consolation to the Hemingway stereotype, there are also plenty of other custom quote flasks from Jane Austen to Kurt Vonnegut, and more.


Literary Cook Books

Image courtesy of Fictitious Dishes

If you’re going to give your bookworm a drink, you might as well serve them up something good to eat, too! These literary cookbooks are filled with the best recipes from great works of fiction, and are perfect for dishing up a romantic V-Day dinner. We suggest Dinah Fried’s Fictitious Dishes. We also hear there’s a Game of Thrones cookbook for a more specific palate.

Need something to fill the flask? Try Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist.


Novel Teas

Image courtesy of Amazon

On the subject of food and drink, you really can’t go wrong with tea. Morning tea, bedtime tea, iced tea – everyone loves tea, and bookies are no exception. If anything, we like it more because it goes hand in hand with a good book. Enjoy your tea and read it too with these tea bags, each carrying a unique tea-tag quote.


Literary Scarves

Image courtesy of Etsy

Keep reading and keep warm! These literary scarves are cozy and cute, and good for any book lover.


Book Socks

Image courtesy of Out of Print Clothing

Not the scarf type? How about socks? Everyone needs socks, and everyone secretly loves getting fuzzy socks in their stocking from Mom. As an extension of this undeniable truth, everyone would love to get socks for Valentine’s Day! Choose from library card-themed socks, Where the Wild Things Are, Edgar Allan Po-ka dot and more.


Beautiful Bookmarks

Image courtesy of Obvious State

Don’t let your bookworms abuse their books. Give a little love to them (and their books) with these stunning bookmarks from Obvious State. The florals are a nice touch for the V-Day vibe, and will ensure that once your book lover is done with a book, he or she can lend it to you free of dog-ears. It’s a win-win-win for everyone and every book involved.


Literary Post Cards

Image courtesy of Obvious State

Also from Obvious State are these exceptionally stunning and minimalistic post cards. The set contains 100 cards with visual interpretations of 50 different quotes from Oscar WildeVirginia Woolf, and more. As an additional perk, this gift not only says “Happy Valentine’s Day,” but also “feel free to send me a thank you note for this one.” You’re welcome.


Love Bookends

Image courtesy of Etsy

Enjoy these Valentine’s Day-themed LOVE bookends to support that ever-growing bookshelf. They’re a good reminder that someone is loved as much, if not more than, their fabulous book collection.


The Storymatic Game

Image courtesy of Teleread

Need a good game to ward off that post-dinner coma? The Storymatic is literally a game of endless stories. Pick your cards, make your own plot, and see where it takes you. Maybe you’ll write the next great love story – or maybe you’ll end up comatose from too much lobster and wine.


Marks the Plot Coaster Set

Image courtesy of Modcloth

Finally, a gift for the book lover who loves to read, but also despises rings left by coaster-less cups. Set their heart and OCD tendencies at ease with these book-themed coasters featuring LolitaCatch 22, 1984, and plenty more favorites for cups and glasses.


Pablo Neruda Poetry

Image courtesy of Etsy

Last but definitely not least, books! More specifically poetry, and even more specifically Pablo Neruda poetry. Neruda is king when it comes to love poems, and nothing makes a loved one swoon like the sweet prose from the Chilean pro.