V.E Schwab’s Novel ‘City of Ghosts’ Coming to the CW

Lately, it seems that many people in the producing world are taking more and more interests in making popular books and comics into movies and TV series. These days, I find myself scrolling through Instagram first thing in the morning to see if any of my favorite reads are being made into a show or movie!


Just a few weeks ago Netflix released Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House as a TV series, Jenny Han’s To All The Boys I Loved Before became a movie, and now V.E Schwab’s recently released City of Ghosts will become a CW Network drama series!


city of ghosts book

Image via Variety


Fans of V.E Schwab’s work, including me, are always hoping for a sneak peek of a new book to appear on her social media. Just three days ago, she posted a preview of a new announcement on her Instagram, baffling everyone who laid their eyes on the post. At first, her followers thought it was a joke until they did their research and found out that CW will in fact be producing her novel City of Ghosts!


City of Ghost by V.E Schwab

Image via Paperback Paris



While the news is exciting, I recommend reading the book first before watching the series. Although it might be her book she won’t have all the creative rights into making her book baby into a show. This just means that some parts of the show might not be consistent to the originally written work. Nonetheless, authors are slowly making their way up in the world and it’s such a satisfying and happy feeling to be a part of that community.



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