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Upcoming YA Adaptation Proves You Can Fall in Love ‘Every Day’

David Levithan’s bestselling YA novel Every Day is becoming a movie, and it has everything good things have. One, it’s about a girl who falls in love with a spirit. Two, the spirit changes people’s bodies every day. Three, the two have to find each other every day. It’s a coming-of-age romance with magic and intrigue, and everything is stacking up for the movie adaptation. Get your first look here.


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The story follows Rhiannon (The Nice Guys’ Angourie Rice), who notices her boyfriend is unusually warm to her one day. The next day, things go back to normal. It turns out he was possessed by a benevolent spirit called “A,” who finds itself in a different host every day. Rhiannon and “A” grow closer and closer, but their predicament is obviously complicated.


Sixteen different actors play the role of “A” throughout the movie, which, on its own, will be really exciting to see. They include Paper Towns‘ Justice Smith. It has a vaguely I’m Not There or The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus vibe (both movies where multiple actors play the same role). But sixteen for one character? Director Michael Sucsy has a fun job.


Every Day

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Sucsy said:


The through line, I think, with all the 16 actors who play A, it really had something to do with the eyes. Not the shape of the eyes… It’s a cliché or a phrase or an old adage — ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ — and looking into these actors eyes in their audition, I saw a common thread that I suppose, if I were to shorthand it, would be something like an old soul and even though some of these actors were 15-20 years old, the thing that they all share in common is that they all really do have an old soul.


The story sounds wondrous and the script was adapted by Me, Earl and the Dying Girl’s Jesse Andrews. So it’s got a great crew behind it. Every Day is due out February 23, 2018.


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