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Upcoming Willy Wonka Film Will Be a Prequel

A trip through a factory where almost everything is made of chocolate and candy delights is a child’s dream! Willy Wonka is the chocolatier that runs this particular chocolate factory where he employs Oompa Loompas and creates Everlasting Gobstoppers, Wonka bars, Fizzy Lifting Drinks and more tantalizing treats! Though we admire his candy making prowess, has anyone ever wondered where Willy Wonka got his start?




If you have then you’ll be excited to know that a prequel will be produced by Warner Bros. The Willy Wonka producer David Heyman has confirmed that though there is slow progress, the movie is still in the works. The film has yet to start production, but it is still in development. The plot isn’t known yet being that it won’t be an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic novel, but it will be an origin story.


Producer, David Heyman went on to explain how they will be approaching the plot and our eccentric candy maker, Willy Wonka:


We are still trying to figure out how to tell that story, what the story is. It’s a prequel, it’s not a sequel. What makes Willy—when we find him at the chocolate factory doing the golden ticket, where is he before that? What leads him to that place where he’s locked himself away?… It’s how does he get there? So we’re playing around with that.



Image via New York Post

Image via New York Post


Some may think there’s no need for a prequel, however, I’m all for this. We get to see some aspect of Willy Wonka but he is truly an enigma and I want to know his history. 



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