#UnsubscribeHBO Trends After GOT Finale

It’s safe to say that the series finale of Game of Thrones left a bad taste in the mouths of many viewers. So much so that some are quitting HBO entirely.

The day after the finale aired and the fates of all the main characters were revealed, #UnsubscribeHBO began trending on Twitter. Those who are not happy with the way the season played out have made it their mission to punish the network that aired the series. Here are some examples:


The finale of Game of Thrones ended on a somber note, with many beloved characters meeting grim fates while others left the world on their own accords. There were some happy endings to go around, but the final revelation of who will rule Westeros from now on didn’t satisfy many.


This isn’t the first public display of displeasure from GOT fans about the final season. A petition to remake season 8 has over 1 million signatures so far.


Are you unsubscribing to HBO after the GOT finale?



Featured Image Via Vox