Artist puts characters in harsh but real situations

‘Unhappily Ever After’ Imagines a More Realistic Disney

Why is Belle getting ready for plastic surgery?


New York based artist Jeff Hung created “Unhappily Ever After”, a series that depicts our most beloved Disney characters experiencing some of life’s harshest realities. His images are very far from the typical Disney happily ever after. Hung has been working in animation for over a decade and has created the animation for huge Disney hits such as Tarzan, Hercules, and Mulan


Tarzan commutes beneath a concrete jungle.


In a video interview with Thought Leader Global, Jeff Hung explains that his motive behind the “Unhappily Ever After” series was to present the world with art that would make people take a step back and really think about the issues going on today.


The images touch upon many topics such as animal cruelty, homelessness, pollution, beauty standards, and much more. Hung’s depictions of Disney characters experiencing a not so happily ever after is intriguing and a powerful way to get his messages about the world across. 


Many of the images are devastating:





Some are a bit more satirical:


Check out Jeff Hung’s Tumblr for more images.

All images courtesy of Jeff Hung.