‘Unfortunate Events’ Author Pens YA Novel on Sexuality

We all know Daniel Handler as Lemony Snicket, who wrote A Series of Unfortunate Events. Netflix is adapting his series into a show, which releases this Friday, January 13th. Most of us may not be too familiar with his young adult novels, but Handler has written numerous. 

Handler has a new YA coming out, which touches on a topic that isn’t always covered in books. He told Entertainment Weekly

 I was asked to give a talk on encouraging reading and teenage boys, who often fall off the literary bandwagon. I had just been on tour for my YA novel Why We Broke Up, and I’d noticed that for the first time there was a real gender imbalance in my audiences — the crowds were almost entirely young women. I went home and reread some of my favorite novels from when I was a teenager — classics and new fiction, highbrow and lowbrow, brilliance and trash, but all with one thing in common: they had a lot of sex. I looked around for books published now that were honest about the sexuality of young men, and didn’t find much. I sensed a gap in the literary landscape, a gap that would be interesting to precisely the audience we worry about losing.

The exclusive cover image for All the Dirty Parts was released via EW:


According to EW,

“All the Dirty Parts follows Cole, a sex-obsessed high school student, whose exploits develop into a reputation he’s not quite sure he likes. At the same time, something exciting starts buzzing between Cole and his best friend, and he meets a new person called Grisaille.”


All the Dirty Parts will be released August 29th, 2017.


Featured image courtesy of The AV Club