Unexpected Book Club Bonds Readers for Life

There are some things the mind automatically pairs together: macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, the beach and a sunburn. It depends on the individual, but the concept of a book club and a streetwear brand do not exactly have that immediate connection. Bobby Hundred, the creator of The Hundreds Shop, is changing that one book at a time.

Based in Los Angeles, the fashion company – which has a cult following – also has a massive book club stretching far beyond the City of Angels thanks to social media. The club, known as the Death Sentences and subtitled “bound for life”, is taking reading to another level. 

Image courtesy of Agatha French / Los Angeles Times

What began online over a year ago has made it to the traditional book club experience – in the real world. The first in-person meeting of those available members was last week, Tuesday, March 7th.

Hundreds himself realized how unique this endeavor was to the world. He noted in a recent L.A. Times article, “This is totally unlike any other event we throw. The idea of doing a book club is so nerdy and foreign to my community”. The new territory being explored is what brought about the intense name, as Hundreds took this on with a bit of levity and humor along for the ride.

However, he is not wrong. It’s not every day you see a streetwise fashion company hosting a literary event like this, but that is the power of the twenty-first century. As the traditional experience of a book club begins to fade, readers flock to new outlets for sharing their love of literature. 

Books bring individuals together with a common bond whether that is a dozen older women who dish about romance novels over wine, or group of skater-savvy readers communicating mostly via social media. Book clubs of every shape and size keep the power of the written word alive and well.

Or to put it simply in the words of Bobby Hundreds, “Book people are really cool.”




Featured image courtesy of LA Times