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Undercover FBI Agents Recover Judy Garland’s Stolen ‘Wizard of Oz’ Ruby Slippers

For years, The Wizard of Oz has enchanted audiences of all ages. The timeless story has been played for generations and continues to inspire and captivate many even to this day. Many themes and symbols from the film are known to all, far and wide. Although the film had been released over seventy years ago, there still seems to be trouble brewing in Oz. But don’t worry, the FBI themselves have solved the recurring problem related to a specific relic from the film: Dorothy’s iconic red slippers.



The red slippers are almost a mythical item. Through the years, it has been rumored that seven genuine pairs had been made for Judy Garland and the movie, yet only one pair seems to exist presently. This special pair was donated by Michael Shaw in 2005 to the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The donor acquired the pair through years of collecting movie memorabilia. 




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The museum had insisted that the red slippers be vaulted each night for precautions against its theft, but Shaw refused on the basis that they would be handled too much and possibly worn or damaged. Shaw’s rejection to keep the relic even safer not only came back to haunt him in the slipper’s later theft, but it also made him a suspect for a short time. 



The actual robbery took place in August of the same year that they were donated. When staff came to open up one morning, they found the case for the slippers smashed in with the items gone. Even worse, the alarm had been triggered, but malfunctioned when it came to notifying police of the break-in. 




Image via Minnesota Public Radio – MPR News



The FBI had been working on the case for the past thirteen years, and last year they found their perfect lead when a man approached the insurance company responsible for the slippers saying that he had information on how they could be obtained. This was essentially an attempt at extortion. After a year of following a group of suspects involved with the heist and extortion, the FBI has finally found the prized relics.



Originally, the police offered $250,000 to anyone with any relevant information regarding the placement of the red slippers. After a few years, a mysterious donor even contributed $1 million dollars in the search efforts. But now that Dorothy’s slippers have been found, they can continue to cast their magic and inspire many more; hopefully with good intentions. 




Featured Image via The Telegraph