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UK’s Most Dynamic Indie Publishers Unite for a Podcast!

The Indie publishers known as Canongate, Faber, and Profile/ Serpent’s Tail are releasing a podcast every two weeks to celebrate authors, bookshops and independent publishing! The podcast will be called “Read Like a Writer” and will be hosted by journalist Anna Fielding. It will center around authors providing their favorite book recommendations, focusing on childhood and favorite classics, and talking about their own work. The authors will also include their favorite local independent bookshop and how that specific bookshop was important to them.



The podcast’s first episode has already been released with Matt Haig. Shaun Bythell, Sara Perry, Elizabeth Foley, Gina Miller, and Ben Coates are lined up for the next episodes.




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“The literary podcast is a format that offers enormous creative possibilities,” says CEO of Canongate, Jamie Byng. “As well as powerful means for promoting authors and their work and celebrating the crucial work booksellers do in bringing great books to readers.” Byng adds the teaming up with UK’s most dynamic publishers in this way him and his colleagues with excitement.


The podcast will be hosted by Acast and available at and Canongate, Profile/Serpent’s Tail and Faber are all members of the Independent Alliance.




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