UK Publishing Company Deals With Major Book Delays

A publishing company in the UK, Idesine, has over 4,000 books stuck on a ship that isn’t able to dock. The company is run by Colin Hoad and Matt Green, and the ship that is carrying their books hasn’t been able to dock since Halloween. Thanksgiving is this week and the books still haven’t been able to arrive.


Image via BBC


According to Hoad, people have pre-ordered books for gifts, but they’re unsure if they will be able to get them on time. This delay is not only affecting books, but other businesses as well. The owner of the port is trying to hire 104 equipment drivers to help with the issues. Due to the pandemic more orders have been added to the ships which has made matters worse. Some of the ships are now limiting the amount of cargo they will bring to the UK.
The ship that was carrying the books was diverted to Europe. Idesine has over 2,500 pre-paid books waiting to be delivered and the company just launched in June. Hoad and Green are hoping they can get the books delivered by Christmas. Fingers crossed that the books will be delivered as soon as possible, because waiting on a book you’re itching to read is the worst, especially in a pandemic when most of your time is spent in doors.
Books keep us all sane during times when the world is moving too fast, and it’s unfortunate for this to happen towards the end of such a crazy year and the holiday season. Let’s hope for a christmas miracle so that these books can get in the hands of the people who want to read them.
Featured Image via BBC