UChicago Wants Young Readers to Start Their Own Libraries

Thousands of students from the U.S. and the Dominican Republic are building their own libraries thanks to UChicago’s ‘My Very Own Library’ literacy program.

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Thousands of students from U.S. public schools and schools in the Dominican Republic will have the opportunity to build their own home libraries, thanks to the University of Chicago’s My Very Own Library literacy program.



UChicago is partnering with Scholastic Book Fairs, nonprofits, and other schools across the country to bring free books to students aged pre-K through eighth grade. Each student can select 10 books from the Scholastic Book Fair at a time and all will be encouraged to share their finds with peers to help build a network of community libraries.


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Putting books in the hands of young students is a simple and critically important way to foster academic improvement, according to theChicago Sun-Times, and reports by Scholastic reveal students aged 6-17 “agree their favorite books are ones that they have picked out themselves.”

Building and maintaining a library is different from just owning books, according to My Very Own Library’s core beliefs; having a few shelves of books that interest and excite the collector is an achievement that only becomes more valuable as each student’s personal collection grows, and increases the likelihood that students will see improvement in their test scores.


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My Very Own Library came to Chicago through UChicago’s Charter Schools in 2015 and now supports 17 Chicago schools, five U.S. public schools in other cities, and 11 schools in the Dominican Republic.

This fall, My Very Own Library will give half a million free books to more than 8,000 students through local Scholastic Book Fairs and donations. By the end of the My Very Own Library literacy program, students who have attended every Scholastic Book Fair from pre-K to the eighth grade will have collected 100 books, according to UChicago News.

For more information about My Very Own Library, visit the organization’s homepage here.




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