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Tyrion Will Murder Jon Snow in Season 8 According to Fan Theory

It’s been almost a month since the season finale and Game of Thrones fans can’t get enough speculation about season eight. After all, we probably have to wait until 2019, so what better way to spend our time than to predict all the tragedy that will be in the show’s final season? The newest fan theory predicts that Tyrion Lannister will betray us all in the worst way…by killing Jon Snow.


Let’s travel back to that eerie moment of the finale where it is revealed that Jon is actually a Targaryen, just as Daeneyrs and Jon get it on, and Tyrion looks on in what looks to be utter disappointment. 



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So what’s with this look? Does Tyrion know Jon and Dany are related? Is he afraid he won’t be her trusted advisor anymore? Or is he in love with Dany like everyone else is? According to this theory, Tyrion is in love with Dany and this jealousy will be seen through a strong rivalry with Jon in season eight.


When Jeremy Podeswa, Game of Thrones director, was asked about this moment in an interview with The New York Times, he said, “Usually, historically, nothing good comes out of relationships becoming more complicated! [Laughs] It’s also a question of what’s going to be his role within this new alliance, right? So there’s a kind of caution here.”


This response could allude to Tyrion’s jealousy in that his place as Dany’s Hand could be compromised with her new lover in her ear.  


Let’s also not forget that it was Tyrion who convinced Dany to leave her former lover Daario Naharis behind in Meereen AND Tyrion who tried his best (but thankfully, failed) to stop Dany from saving Jon when he went beyond the Wall. 


We won’t know for sure until season eight blesses us all with its presence! Until then, keep guessing Game of Thrones fans! 


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