Two Women Start Free Book Sharing Program

Two outstanding women, Ali Berg and Michelle Kaus, have started a free book sharing program called Books on the Rail in Melbourne, Australia. The program leaves donated books on various forms of public transportation. If a potential reader sees a book they like, they are free to pick it up and take it home with them. The only requirement is to leave the book on any train, tram or bus when you are finished.

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Books are wonderful things. There is something special about randomly encountering a book that is totally unknown to the reader. Deciding to read the book can have a whole range of different effects. The reader can hate it or love it, be moved or unmoved. Either way the reader has a unique experience they probably would not have had without the Books on the Rail program and others like it.

Kalus told local radio station 774 ABC Melbourne that, “it’s a lot of fun and we’re just hoping to enrich people’s days…we want people to follow the book’s own journey and adventure.” Over the course of a few years imagine how many hands their books will pass through, the amount of miles they will travel sitting on the train waiting to be picked up.

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The program’s popularity is growing. They have already acquired 300 different books that are currently traveling the Melbourne public transport system. Anybody can join Books on the Rail program by going to their website and signing up as a “book ninja”! 


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