Twitter’s Wittiest Reactions to Ed Sheeran’s Cameo on ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones‘ season premiere shattered HBO ratings with a total of 16.1 million viewers yesterday, according to Variety, and became the most tweeted episode of all time. Amongst the 2.4 million tweets posted on Sunday night, Ed Sheeran and his cameo contributed to part of the heated online conversation.


From these tweets, we have selected some of the most accurate memes that correctly express our response to winter’s official return. For more, follow the hashtags #ThronesYall and #demthrone.


WARNING: spoilers ahead!

Stop here if you still have not watched the season premiere.



When Ed Sheeran looked for his castle on a hill in Westeros


When Ed gets to meet Bran


When Ed meets Arya


When Arya finally got her revenge (!)


Jennifer Lopez also loved the epic opening


To new pairings


When Dany appeared


Our growing affection for Lady Mormont


Fans applauded the show for its rising female leaders.


It’s only been the first episode, prepare yourself for a bumpy ride that will last for almost two months.


Featured Image Courtesy of Vanity Fair