Twitter Unites Two Book Lovers

To anyone who says you can’t find true love online, read this and weep. Hopefully they’ll be tears of joy, because this is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. 

It really is just your classic rom-com narrative, with a few modern twists. You know the formula by now: girl admires bookstore twitter from afar. Girl professes love through tweet. Girl gets dared by friend to go on date with actual human tweeter. Three years later and Holy Matrimony – they’re married! 

The girl is Victoria O’brien. She was just a casual book lover with apparently high romantic aspirations, and a refined taste for a good twitter feed. Her first tweet went out 4 years ago, in November. 

The two exchanged some flirtatious tweets, but the world didn’t hear from them again, till the day Victoria announced their marriage 

Victoria made the first real-world move, when she brought donuts unannounced one day to the Oxford Street Waterstone. This led to cocktails, which led to more dates, which led to a proposal, and yeah you know the rest. 

If you were wondering, Jonathan no longer mans the account. In fact, the new social media manager doesn’t seem to be in the best place. Maybe someone should reach out…


Featured image courtesy of the Sun