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‘Twin Peaks’ Creator David Lynch Releasing Memoir This Month

David Lynch has just announced the coming release of his biography/memoir Room to Dream.


Room to Dream

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The book is a completely fresh and unique look inside of the childhood and personal life of the artistic visionary himself which, until now, has been kept mostly private.


Lynch’s works are so incredibly one-of-a-kind, he’s a filmmaker who’s work you recognize the moment it’s on-screen. And, inside this creative hybrid of biography and memoir, the reader will get to dive straight into the mind and heart of Lynch, and watch his journey (along with all the heartbreaks, successes, and falls) to bring his films to life as it all unfolds.


Room to Dream was co-written by David Lynch and popular journalist Kristine McKenna


McKenna covered the biographical portions; interviewing Lynch’s old agents, friends, ex-wives, colleagues, and pretty much any and everyone who has come to personally know the famed visionary. 


Lynch’s portions of the book are melodic, expressive, dreamy, honest, and raw (much like the filmmaker himself). His works (Twin PeaksMulholland Drive, Blue Velvet) always have so many twists and turns, along with a whimsical-yet-frightening atmosphere they’re unlike anything else; they’re always suspenseful and satirical and everything else that could possibly exist in between. Even The Guardian named him “the most important director of the current era.” And, his portion of the book really helps the reader understand his vision and why he makes the things he makes.


Having the opportunity to look inside of such a historic, prolific, creative mind is so exciting and something you don’t want to miss! This book can’t come out soon enough!






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