Twilight is Getting a 10th Anniversary Edition With Bonus Material

Twilight fans are getting a pretty cool present for their favorite book’s tenth birthday. Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers is re-publishing the original novel for a tenth anniversary edition – and it’s going to be chock full of bonus material.

Author Stephenie Meyer announced the new edition at a fan conference last weekend in Forks, Washington, the real-life town that her series of vampire books made internationally famous.

“I felt the same thrill reading this special anniversary edition as I did when I read the manuscript a decade ago,” Megan Tingley (Executive Vice President at Little, Brown Book Books for Young Readers) said in a press release. But the new book will include more than just the original story: there will also be bonus material to support the original text.

Both Meyer and her publisher have been mum so far on what exactly will be included in the bonus material, so fans are free to speculate. Could it be a new Twilight story?

The big release date is October 6, so mark your calendars. That’s the day fans will first be able to get the book in e-book, hardcover, large print, and audiobook form.


Main image: AP

Stephen Lovely, writer