My Brilliant Friend

TV Adaptation of ‘My Brilliant Friend’ Debuting November 18th!

In less than a couple of weeks, the adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s hit novel My Brilliant Friend will finally be released. 


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The TV series’ 32 episodes will span the four books that comprise Ferrante’s Neapolitan series, with HBO so far on board for the first eight episodes. FremantleMedia is be the series’ international distributor.


In an article from The Bookseller, “The series will air in the UK on Sky Atlantic on 19th November – on the same date as in Italy and one day after the US.”


On top of that, the article reveals the adaptation “will be in Italian with subtitles with much of the dialogue is in the Neapolitan dialect of the 1950s – unlike in the novel, where dialect is signposted but not actually much used” 



It’s truly great to see how much detail and thought is being put into this project. But then again, it’s no surprise considering who’s behind production.


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Elena Ferrante | Image via Instituto Italiano di Culturo Londra


Elena Ferrante herself has been adapted the series for TV, alongside Francesco Piccolo, Laura Paolucci and director Saverio Costanzo.  Even before airing, My Brilliant Friend‘s TV series has already received phenomenal reviews!


According to HBO’s website, the premiere airing at the Venice Film Festival “earned a standing ovation and accolades from American and Italian critics alike.”


We cannot wait for this series to finally be broadcasted in the UK on Sky Atlantic and in the US on HBO November 18th and 19th!




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