Turkish Government Cracks Down on Publishers

Tensions in Turkey are extremely high, as President Erdogan is viciously castigating those who are thought to have played a part in this months failed military coup. 

News of rampant prison brutality has spread throughout the country, striking fear in journalists and media organizations. 

Erdogan and his regime have since shut down 16 TV channels, 23 radio stations, 45 newspapers, 15 magazines, and 25 publishers. 

Image courtesy of Pakistanviews

This stark embrace of censorship puts Turkey in some unfortunate company in the World Press Freedom Index, with higher detainee rates than China and Russia. 

In a statement by the Turkish Publishers Association: 

“The closure of 29 publishing houses and the potential closure of more carries the risk of human rights violations, the stifling of freedom of thought and expression and also irreparable financial and moral losses.”



This is a sad time for Turkish publishers, and we hope they can resume their urgent work shortly. 


Featured image courtesy of Time